Exclusive distributor Yilmaz Machines, AKPA Alüminyum, & Extra Motor in Morocco.

ATLAS Souss Import is a Moroccan company, importing machinery and supplies for aluminum carpentry. It constantly improves and updates its equipment offered by taking into account the most recent technologies discovered in the field of aluminum carpentry.

We offer a wide range of products and machines supplied by our renowned partners around the globe. It relies on the technical expertise of our team to offer a complete set of solutions.

Our range of products includes processed aluminum, PVC and several other equipment (conveyor, measuring, etc). It also includes tubular motors, aluminum composite panels, and aluminum plastic accessories.

Our solutions are widely recognized in the global market as they are reliable, functional, easy to use and easy to maintain, for a smooth and unique manufacturing experience.

Atlas Souss Import is your revolutionary supplier of equipment and products in aluminum carpentry.  

Our commitments to our customers

Our mission is to be a valued partner to our customers by providing high quality, innovative products,professional customer service and support.

We have always been dedicated to giving the best service to our customers, from choosing exactly the right machine, offering expert technical advice, helping you solve your production problems and bringing the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and efficiency to your production.

We aim to lead the aluminum industry and generate sustainable growth for stakeholders.

We also aim to build lasting alliances with our customers by offering them the most effective and efficient solutions  available in the global market. We set up a line of continuous improvement for our customers to enable them to strengthen their own competitive strength.


We offer ranges manufactured in strict compliance with international quality standards using quality guaranteed raw materials.


We guarantee you high quality proven by our long successful experience in the national market.


Your trust in us is essential. It is an important responsibility that drives us to bring you the best of ourselves, and to provide you with products and services that meet your expectations.


our skilled and active professionals put their expertise and knowledge at your disposal to provide you with answers to all your requirements.


we offer our customers a wide selection of globally recognized products and brands. Our goal is to offer the best to our customers and satisfy all of their needs.


we place proximity above all else, we often seek to provide our customers with updated services in all cities of Morocco.


Our employees are always available and at your disposal to understand and meet all your challenges and requirements.

Why choose us ?

We make customer satisfaction a priority

What sets us apart from others, is our immense desire to improvise and constantly evolve to provide the best solutions to the diverse needs of our customers. Our partners, help us achieve this goal by allowing us to offer you a range of quality products.

With our customer-focused approach, we are able to understand and respond effectively to the expectations of our customers. This has been the result of a long list of satisfied customers.

About our Brands

Hear from our CEO

“Our organization has successfully met all the challenges that have arisen. Our consistent efforts over the past few years have taken us to the top of the heats and allowed us to mark our distinct position in the competitive market”.